3 signs that you need to change your laptop battery

A computer's battery is the thing that makes it work properly. At some point, you'll need to change that battery if you want to keep using your computer. Find out here when you need to change your computer battery.

Loss of battery life

As soon as you charge a computer that has a battery without failure, you can work for a few hours. Like the battery for laptop sony, all computer batteries have a duration in which they can work even when powered down. If this time drops or you have to charge your computer more often, there is a problem. If this drop in performance is not related to computer abuse, then your battery needs to be changed.

Refusing to charge

Your computer may refuse to charge if your charger is damaged or if your battery is damaged. To identify the real cause, use a charger that is compatible with your computer for charging, if it works, then your battery should be changed. To confirm your assumption, you can remove the battery from the computer (if it is removable) and put the computer on charge without it. If the battery is the problem, the computer will be able to turn on even without the battery.

The computer will not turn on without a charger

If your computer shuts down as soon as it is unplugged, your battery has a problem. Also, if it shuts down when there's a power outage or the charge level doesn't exceed 0 percent, it's time to change the battery. In any case, as soon as your computer has a problem, you can take it to a specialist. He or she will be able to confirm your doubts and offer you the right solution for your problem. Not all computer batteries can be changed. Some computers can help you to know the condition of your computer battery. Be aware of the signs to avoid problems.