Find easy tools to create your chatbots for free

Communication is an unavoidable basis in online business. It reassures customers with a certain confidence. And if you don't communicate regularly with your customers, your business can go into a total decline. To maintain a constant connection with your customers, here are some tools to install your chatbot.

Free tools

To successfully build your chatbot for your website or social network, you can refer to MEOKAY. It offers quality conversational bots. And your chatbot will have a huge performance. Very practical, MEOKAY provides you with communication tools that you won't regret. It helps micro-businesses, start-ups with excellent tuning capability and is accessible to all. For more details, read this content. Next, you can make use of that fuel to create your chatbot easily. Apart from other systems, you can use this tool especially if you are a beginner. It gives you access to easily manipulated options. Make your chatbots with this tool and you will see that the chatbot will be your performing virtual assistant.

Mobile monkey, a tool with multiple options for creating chatbots

The miracle with this chatbot is that it gives the designer a lot of credit. If you want to make sales campaigns on several different social networks, you have our humble recommendation to make the creation of your chatbot with this tool. You have the ability to link your chatbot with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can make the setting of frequently asked questions, follow-ups on sales surveys. Also, a customer-level information provision is a new option available on the mobile monkey. Do wonders in chatting with your chatbots on the mobile monkey. It is also possible to integrate hub spots, Google sheets in this tool. In short, a mobile monkey is really a free tool that you can use to create very excellent chatbots that do not crash. Note as a tip that the role of chatbots for your business is almost important especially for time management.