How to find your lost dog?

Dogs have always been man's best companions. To this end, humans have developed a strong attachment to them. So we are worried when we realise that they are no longer at home. But how can you find your lost dog? In this article, we offer you some solutions to easily find your lost dog.

Search your surroundings

. Usually, dogs are lured out of the house by an attraction. They may follow a person for a walk, for fun, or even because they found food. You can find the explanation on how to easily find your dog on this site. So, when you realise that your dog is no longer at home, the first thing you should do is to notify the neighbours that it is missing. Meanwhile, if you have installed a GPS on your dog, it would also be a good idea to activate it and check its location. In addition, you should also prepare his papers and check at shelters and pounds. Next, you should notify the animal welfare authorities of his disappearance. If he is still not back, draw several portraits of your dog while specifying his personal characteristics, your contact and your coordinates. Then stick these portraits in public places, on poles and on poster frames in subways for example. If by chance someone finds your dog, they can contact you easily.

Advertise on social networks

To search for your dog on social networks, you must first prepare an information sheet. This should include your contact details, your personal line, the dog's specific traits, physical characteristics, name, weight, etc. Then publish these posters on the most popular social networks, in public groups, on your pages, on sites specialising in pet loss. You can also hire professionals to distribute your posters. If possible, motivate people by offering them a reward for finding your pet.