What are the most lively cities in France?

France is quite a beautiful country. It has many cities, some as beautiful as others. However, some cities are more lively than others. In which cities in France is there more activity ? See the answer to that question in this article.


Montpellier is one of the cities in France with the most students. And when we talk about students, we mean young people. It is this youth that animates this city through endless parties. In this student city, almost every street is filled with bars and cafés.

This city also has many perfect and pleasant squares that people flock to every day for lunch breaks. You can click resources to find out more about French cities. The most festive corners of the city of Montpellier include the Place de la Comédie, the Place de la Canourgue and the pedestrian district of the Ecusson. 


The city of Nancy is also one of the most lively cities in France. With around 50,000 students, this city has a population largely dominated by young people. And with these young people you will not be bored for a second. These young people put on a show every night in the city's discos and bars. 

In addition, large festive events are organised in the city on a regular basis. These are the 'Student Night' and the '24 Hours of Stan'. The 'Student Night' takes place in autumn with concerts, entertainment and shows in every corner of the city. The "24 heures de Stan" is a 24-hour chariot race on the famous Place Stanislas. 


It is impossible to list the most lively cities in France without mentioning Marseille. This city has one of the largest squares of animation in the country. It is the Cours Julien. It is a huge space filled with several terraces, some as lively as others. 

Several other cities are beautiful in France. Among them are Lille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Paris, etc.