What you need to know about denim jackets

If white jeans are difficult to wear, this is not the case with the denim jacket, elegant and modern in white. Beware of stains, however, if you opt for a plain jacket. In this case, it is better to choose a blue denim, raw or washed. Washed denim has a sportier, more relaxed style, ideal for a weekend or vacation silhouette. Here is a great article to guide.

Denim jacket tips

For a more comfortable and breathable style in summer, opt for jersey sleeves! Material mixes are common and allow denim to adapt to the season with ease. A harsh winter? Choose a jacket with a fur collar, fixed or removable, or even a denim and leather mix, very contemporary. Take the time to walk around in the jacket before you buy, to test its comfort. Raise your arms and bend down: if the model suits you, you shouldn't feel uncomfortable around your waist. Also, check its weight and rigidity, so that you won't be hindered. It's best to avoid the presence of elastane, which can cause denim to warp. Accessorize, the denim jacket lends itself to all games, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it on thesite here.

What denim jacket to buy?

To choose a blue denim jacket, think in terms of silhouette. What outfit would you like to wear it with? Raw denim is best suited to a semi-dressed or simply rock and roll style, true to the denim guide. Either way, denim jackets, pants or dresses are more easily enhanced by complementary shades than by tone on tone. In other words, prefer a raw denim jacket if you like light colors, washed if you only wear black. No blue or white for your denim jacket? Avoid black or chunky ones, less advantageous. Nothing prevents you, on the other hand, to bet on the colors. Dyed in pop or pastel colors, denim goes with every look, even your most basic raw denim.