Why choose to invest in Singapore?

Singapore has long been regarded by the World Bank as the easiest country in which to do business. In fact, the country attracts many investors every year and this allows it to develop on a large scale. Why invest in Singapore?

Tax measures to attract investors

If you visit GuideMeSingapore or any other site that provides information about the city-state, you will see that it has many tax advantages. Indeed, the Singapore government offers a range of tax incentives to businesses and investors, including corporate tax, double internalised tax credits and tax exemptions.

Forming a company in Singapore is simple

The process of setting up a company in Singapore is considered simpler and faster than in other countries. Indeed, it can be achieved in a single day by submitting the necessary documents. The process is made even easier and more convenient when applicants, including foreign nationals, can submit their application via the internet.

The many trade agreements

Singapore strongly supports free trade and participation in the global economy. Over the years, Singapore has developed a network of trade agreements through over 20 bilateral and regional free trade agreements and 41 investment guarantee agreements.

Singapore Government Policy

Singapore is known as one of the most business and investor friendly countries in the world. The Singapore government has an extensive business support policy in place. This makes it much easier for them to grow. 

The benefits that the above-mentioned government policies provide to investors and businessmen have attracted many foreign companies to Singapore. Investment in the country is increasing every year. 

International rankings

Singapore was ranked as the number 1 best business environment in the Asia-Pacific region and the world in 2019 by the Economist Intelligence Unit. In addition, the country topped the Global Competitiveness Index 4.0, ahead of the US (Global Competitiveness Report, 2019). All these reasons should motivate you to invest in Singapore